Saturday, July 25, 2015

Christmas in July

because it's July 25th
and i still haven't sorted through most of my pictures from Christmas
here are a few from our Christmas morning
when my babies were such...babies!!!

ah...these are sweet, sweet memories
i feel so blessed to have them frozen in time
this mama's heart = warmed & melted through and through!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

saturday bloggin' aka photo vomit

i don't normally blog on saturdays
but yesterday we got together with friends
and made tie dye shirts

then we had to wait 24 hours to unveil the final product
and i went a little camera happy

because tie dye

and toddlers

let's just say, i think this will be the first of many tie dye adventures
now on to the photo vomit part...

p.s. if this has inspired you to do some tie dying with your littles, 
here are some "resources" / what we used:
* how to & inspiration courtesy of sheena's first and second tie dye extravaganzas

* this tulip brand tie dye kit 
(except i hit up my local michaels store and used a 40% coupon so it only cost me $10ish)

* $3 t-shirts from good ol' walmart

* dollar store tablecloths left over from the girlies' birthday party: to do all the dyeing on, so that once we were all done, we could wrap up all the bits and pieces in it and chuck it
...and one more to lay our (still pretty wet) shirts on when we unwrapped them, once again so that we could contain the mess then wrap up and get rid of it easily

the girls still haven't tried them on yet (you have to wash them before you wear them), 
but they're pretty stoked about them, and it was a super fun process!

Monday, June 15, 2015

realizations + catching up

it's been almost 3 months since i've updated this little blog of mine
and i can't really say it was accidental this time
although i didn't exactly plan on it being such a long break
and i don't promise it's quite over yet

you see, right around the beginning of april
i realized something
i was overbooked, overwhelmed, and overtired


so i thought about what i could take off my plate
like maybe just pare down to only doing things i absolutely love doing
and i realized that all of the things i'd piled into my life 
were good things
and i was quite thankful for that
but then i had another realization
sometimes you have to cut out the good things to focus on the best things

so, i went on an instagram-vacation,
a blog-vacation,
and majorly cut back on facebook

in order to focus on my real life going on around me
to sit on the floor and read book after book with my kiddos
(who seem to be growing up at mega-speed!!!)
to pick away at some personal photography projects
to travel
to sit at my kitchen table late at night,
chatting about kids and life and Jesus
to more regularly spend time with Jesus
to go to bed at a reasonable hour
to wake up with the sun, like i've always loved doing
(i know, i'm crazy)

and it was good

i plan on eventually adding some of the things i cut out back into my life
but not quite yet
i still have a few projects to wrap up
but i do miss blogging and instagramming and connecting via social media
and let's be honest, the creative outlet is a bonus

but until then, i'll try to check in now and again
hopefully more regularly than once every three months!
it may just be to throw up a bunch of pictures without many words
but hey, it's better than nothing, right? 
that being said, let's get that trend started with some pictures from my birthday
(already over two weeks ago...whoops!)

i spent the day enjoying Daniel's family in NC
taking the kids tubing in the lake for the first time
fishing off the dock
and getting some sweet cards their "Glammie" (read: grandma) helped them make for me

Glammie also took the kiddos for us so that we could enjoy a date night out
(for the second time in two weeks - that's gotta be a record since the kids were born!)
i chose the Harvest Moon Grille for my birthday dinner; 
this cute little cafe style restaurant
that serves local, seasonal food (all from within 100 miles of their doors!)
and boy was it good
(for the record, we both ordered their pulled pork sandwich, 
and they accommodated my gluten intolerance without skipping a beat
by offering to sub out my bun for an in-house-made corn tortilla.
then, when they found out it was my birthday 
they brought me the most amazing smore for dessert,
complete with freshly made ginger cookies, dark chocolate and an in-house-made marshmallow)

seriously, if you're in the area make sure you visit this place
not only was the food outstanding, the service was wonderful
and as it turned out, the restaurant is located in the cutest little town
check. it. out.

after we got home and put the kiddies to bed, we slipped out onto the dock to snap a few photos
(since i was silly enough to leave my camera at home for our date), 
catch a couple more fish
watch a magical lightning bug show,
and call it a night

Monday, March 23, 2015

an excerpt from my devotional this morning

i recently started going through a short devotional series
that i found out about through Pursuit31
a community that i am a part of,
designed for Christian women who are also creative entrepreneurs 
we meet our local group about once a month to discuss different issues
and support one another
plus we get access to awesome resources like the Seek Devotional

i was reading one of the entries in said devotional this morning 
and i wanted to share an excerpt from it
that really resonated with me


"When we surrender our lives to Him, we have to be willing to surrender the things in it to Him as well.  Your health, your plans for the future — it all has to be held out to him as an offering.  It takes trust that He is who He says He is to unclench our fists and offer up what we have in exchange for what he as for us…
Every morning, with every breath we breathe, we have to choose Him.  His way.  His will.  His good.  It won’t always be what we want.  It won’t always be an easy decision or a smooth path.  But He has written each of our days long before we lived even one of them (Psalm 139:16) and He works all things together for good…

If these days that were formed for us before we took our first breath in this world will be an outpouring of glory and praise to our Lord, is it not worth the surrender of our desires, our dreams, our plans and our possessions?  Doesn’t knowing that He holds and maintains us with a love that never falters, with a heart that wants good for us, lessen the ache of loss, of the struggle in circumstances beyond our control, of those moments we would never choose for ourselves to live through?"

- Kristin Ungerecht; Seek Devotional, Day 15


such a great reminder to kick off the week!
i hope it encourages you as much as it did me  :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Robin Hood and Little John, walking through the forest...

i like to think that i'm a creative person
but if there's one thing i'm not terribly creative at, it's parenting
you may be surprised to find out that Daniel is the creative one when it comes to the kids
he's always coming up with crazy games out of the blue, 
fun little impromptu competitions 
and the most interesting ways to teach the girls about the world around them!

but i'm trying to get better at it, 
and every once in a while, i luck out and a brilliant idea strikes
like when i suggested we go find a forest and pretend to be Robin Hood
our day instantly transformed from whiny, stir crazy and sad
to running through the woods, singing silly songs and giggling along the way

not gonna lie, i was pretty proud of myself

oh, and a couple very important notes:
1) we had to take a picture by the park sign to prove we went to an actual "forest"
2) the ferns were a HUGE hit
3) nobody wanted to play Little John, so we ended up with two Robin Hoods running through the forest
4) our "forest" is just a random narrow strip of trees that apparently qualifies as a park,
but hey, it did the trick!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

pink milk and pigtails

i often feel like i'm up to my neck in "unprocessed" photos
you know, ones that just get offloaded onto a hard drive without even deleting the baddies?
(let alone, picking favorites, any editing that might be involved, etc)
tell me i'm not the only one who does this?  anyone?

ok, maybe it's just me
but the point is, i'm trying to find ways to get better at it
("it" = keeping up with all the digital images i'm drowning in)
so that i can actually enjoy the pictures i take
and maybe, just maybe, even print some

i suppose i could just stop taking pictures altogether
that would definitely lessen the amount of work involved
but that's not going to happen any time soon
(obviously...have you met me?  i still remember the look of shock in my father-in-law's eyes when we travelled overseas together a couple years ago and he heard the speed at which my shutter was going!)

so instead i'm just making an effort to get through my photos, month by month
so that they are a little more manageable (baby steps, am i right?)
and who knows, maybe i'll start posting "a month in photos" for each one
as motivation to get it done

all that being said, it's halfway through february and i'm still working on january
(hah!  typical!)
in my defence, the photography business has kicked up a bit lately, so i've been tied up with that
plus the girlies were sick for a month straight, basically
which always switches us into more-cuddles-less-stuff-getting-done mode

but, speaking of being sick, here are a few photos from one of our sick mornings at home
complete with "pink milk" 
(aka steamed milk with one pump of raspberry're welcome)
no shortage of sass in this house... :)
sisterly conversation (trust be baby girls, cultivate that relationship - it never gets old!) 
k mom, we're over this whole paparazzi thing...! 

hopefully i'll have more to share with you soon!
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