Sunday, May 8, 2016

Wherever I'm With You {the first quarter}

k, so it's been a while (obviously)
i could go into all the reasons why 
and promise to try to be more present
but the truth of the matter is that
in this season of my life, that is a promise that i just can't make

i may not be terribly consistent these days, 
but i do still want to share what i can in this little corner of the internet
especially it's stuff that makes my heart super happy
like the photography challenge i decided to take up at the beginning of this year

the "project" is called wherever i'm with you 
i first heard about from another mama & photographer who i follow on instagram
and it struck a chord with me
so i decided to follow suit

the concept is simple:
once a month, the girlies and i make a point of taking a picture together
it doesn't have to be anything fancy or overly complicated
just a photo for my babies to have with me in the frame
instead of at my usual station behind the lens

so without further ado,
here are my first 4 images of my very own "wherever i'm with you - 2016"
- january
{bebes had a case of the giggles & the light was quickly fading
so after umpteen attempts, this is the one we settled for}

- february
{looking back at this photo shows me just how much these little people of mine reflect me, 
even in the simplest things, like the way i tuck our hand under my chin sometimes}

- march -
{one girlie's love language is touch, which is definitely NOT the case with her sister.  learning to love each of them in their own way has been both a challenge and a delight for me.  can you tell which one needs extra snuggles from mama? ;) }

april -
{this one captures a familiar early morning scene at our house - baked oatmeal, jammies & bedhead...a good reminder that the everyday stuff is worth documenting too}

and that's a wrap, folks
i hope you are well
and that we get to connect again sooner rather than later

until next time...

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