Thursday, November 17, 2011


this past Tuesday we reached 29 weeks!

which means:

7 weeks till we reach full term
3 weeks till they're as good as full term (health-wise)
9 weeks till the doctors induce (if the littles decide to keep chillin' in there past full term)
4 more midwife appointments on the calendar
6 more OB appointments on the calendar
5 more ultrasound appointments on the calendar

Now, I'm usually not a numbers person, but these numbers are lovely because they mean I get to meet my babies soon!  

And despite being 
& underprepared 

I am still super
e x c i t e d 

The morning of our wedding day, I remember Daniel telling me now that the ball is rolling, there's no point in getting upset if things don't go according to plan - all we can do now is hold on and enjoy the ride.  He was probably just talking about the craziness that is a typical wedding day, and at that moment, it was just what I needed to hear.  Looking back, though, it's totally been applicable to marriage in general and now babies - twins!  (sometimes I'm still in shock about it all)  And as I sit here and reflect almost three and a half years later, I am so grateful for friends and family who have loved / encouraged / supported us along the way and even more so for a God who does have a plan so that I can leave it in his hands, hold on and enjoy the ride.  

Sunday, November 13, 2011

we are thankful...

...for Christmas at Starbucks
(the only part of Christmas that's allowed in our house before American Thanksgiving)

...for safely getting to 28 weeks 

...for our first baby shower:  those who put in the effort to host it and those who blessed us with presents for the littles
...and with that, we've wrapped up yet another weekend!  

Friday, November 4, 2011

November already?

how did that happen?  
time is flying by and we are speedily approaching the twins' arrival 
{insert moment of panic here}

between now and then...
...we've got check-ups and appointments galore
...we're hoping to move somewhere where they can have their own room
...we've got to prep for Christmas
...we've got to figure out what things we need to take care of the littles
...we've got to buy / register for said things
...we've got to keep our priorities straight, our heads from spinning, our relationships in tact and remember to rest and enjoy these last couple of months before everything changes forever
(a tad dramatic, I know - but what fun is life with no drama?  ;) )

here we are at 27 weeks, with yet another week behind us
it was a rougher week than most, to be honest.  many of you read my last post and very sweetly (if that is even a word) offered support, encouragement and prayers.  let me tell you, every single one was much appreciated!

what i didn't mention in the post was that a specialist had called that morning trying to book an "urgent" ultrasound for us - apparently our last ultrasound showed one of our babies to be quite a bit smaller than the other plus her rate of growth had slowed down.  all of this i knew beforehand, but something about the phone call and the sudden urgency to book another ultrasound shook me a bit - it made me wonder if perhaps this was a bigger deal than i had originally thought.

so we booked an ultrasound and an appointment with the specialist and headed out early yesterday morning to meet with them.  after a full day of hospitals, appointments, doctors, technicians, etc, we found out that it was indeed a bigger deal than we had thought, but also that it wasn't an issue anymore.  turns out the twins are on the small end of normal and our wee one has caught up so that they are both the same size now - thank you, Jesus!  in fact, getting to see the specialist gave us an opportunity (that we wouldn't have had otherwise) to learn more about our twins and taking care of them at this stage so it was a bit of a blessing, actually.

so that's our latest big news - and despite being completely exhausted, I am thankful:
my babies are well, my momma's heart is glad and my faith is encouraged.  :)
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