Monday, October 31, 2011


...i feel a bit discouraged...
...i am fighting off stress / anxiousness...
...i have had to preach truth to myself repeatedly...
...i am exhausted...
...i may have had a wee bit too much "fun sized" candy (and now feel funny because of it)...
...i am starting to really feel the uncomfortable effects of lugging two around...
...i am standing on the promises of God...
...if you have a minute to spare, feel free to say a little prayer for me, the kiddos and our growing family in general.


  1. praying!!
    just out of curiosity...what is the picture of?

  2. This is all to much!
    I haven't popped in in ages, I haven't written anything of my own in ages, and I forgot even that you're so preggo! Miss you two very much and see you in 5 weeks. You'll be in my prayers :)

  3. Thanks for asking for prayer. Done! It's nice to be able to pray for the author of a blog I've just recently found. I can't explain it exactly, but truly it is a blessing to be able to pray for others.

  4. thanks for all your prayers - they are definitely appreciated!

    @Robyn - the pic is of a baby laying down, but only her feet are in focus

    @Evan - I didn't know you were coming home for Cmas! We'll have to make sure to plan something...despite being just about full term by then (or maybe even with brand new babies in tow! :D)

    @a place to reside - thanks for stopping by; its always nice to hear from new readers :)

  5. ok, that is what i guessed, but then the thought came to me, who's baby? you did take this photo right? and I'm going through all the people we mutually know and no one's baby is this small at the moment.


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