Thursday, October 6, 2011

Home Alone

I spent the evening home alone.

Normally, I'm not the biggest fan of being home alone, but tonight I actually chose staying in over going out.  The peanuts didn't seem to mind either - they were happy as clams, kicking up a storm in my belly (dance party, anyone?) ...and I know it's dorky, but I just love feeling them move about and being able to actually see them poking here and there - it just never gets old! 

Aside from sitting around watching my belly (weird, I know), I spent some time working on a few little projects around home, like...

 ...looking through photos to fill the empty frames that have been leaning against our walls forever

planning and organizing for the babies,  

and picking favorite photos from a first birthday that I had the honor of shooting recently.

and since {Canadian} Thanksgiving is just around the corner, I'll  wrap this up by saying how very thankful I was for tonight - a quiet, productive(ish) evening at home was just what I needed.  

Now I'm ready for Daniel to get home and hang out a bit before bedtime.  :)

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