Monday, October 3, 2011


This first time pregnant thing is full of what-ifs.  And I know I've mentioned this on here before, but we went into it trusting that the Lord would provide -for the unexpected (hello, twins!), for the resources to raise a family, for housing, for peace to counter those how-am-I-supposed-to-raise-a-kid jitters, for everything.  I say that with complete confidence, but I still have to say a little prayer --sometimes several times a day, when I feel overwhelmed by all that has to be done/organized/bought/prepared etc.  And the Lord has been faithful to calm my anxieties and help me trust Him with my concerns.
It's also really helped to repeat scripture to myself.  A couple that I've turned to often or at least recently:


As if peace that He has provided isn't enough, we were just recently blessed with a double stroller!!  I actually couldn't believe it - that is something I was specifically concerned about, and bam - just like that, God literally provided the item (from a fellow that my office has done a couple of projects with, too - not exactly someone you'd expect to gift you with something so generous!).  So, thank you Jesus and thank you to the family who gifted us the stroller - we are encouraged in our faith and very very thankful!
p.s. we're in our 22nd week along (23rd tomorrow!), and definitely looking it!


  1. Angie!!! You are so beautiful. I can't believe you are having twin, so exciting! How are you feeling? I didn't know you had a blog but I've been browsing through it and its really fun to read.

    Congrats on the pregnancy and I wish you and Dan all the best!

  2. Hey Lyndsey - thanks! I'm feeling pretty good actually...can't really complain. Starting to get a bit uncomfortable with the weight of the little ones, but otherwise, great! How have you, Ben and little Berkeley been?


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