Thursday, November 17, 2011


this past Tuesday we reached 29 weeks!

which means:

7 weeks till we reach full term
3 weeks till they're as good as full term (health-wise)
9 weeks till the doctors induce (if the littles decide to keep chillin' in there past full term)
4 more midwife appointments on the calendar
6 more OB appointments on the calendar
5 more ultrasound appointments on the calendar

Now, I'm usually not a numbers person, but these numbers are lovely because they mean I get to meet my babies soon!  

And despite being 
& underprepared 

I am still super
e x c i t e d 

The morning of our wedding day, I remember Daniel telling me now that the ball is rolling, there's no point in getting upset if things don't go according to plan - all we can do now is hold on and enjoy the ride.  He was probably just talking about the craziness that is a typical wedding day, and at that moment, it was just what I needed to hear.  Looking back, though, it's totally been applicable to marriage in general and now babies - twins!  (sometimes I'm still in shock about it all)  And as I sit here and reflect almost three and a half years later, I am so grateful for friends and family who have loved / encouraged / supported us along the way and even more so for a God who does have a plan so that I can leave it in his hands, hold on and enjoy the ride.  

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