Monday, January 10, 2011

and with that begins the new year

wow - what a week!  we got home from our Christmas trip exactly a week ago and things are just starting to settle down.  the day we arrived we unpacked and did Christmas with my side of the family (more on that soon) then kicked off the work week with nothing else crossed off the to-do list.  we didn't even get around to shopping for groceries until yesterday (i had cleaned our cupboards out prior to leaving - you can imagine what our food looked like over the past week ...banana chips dipped in peanut butter, anyone?) 

but perhaps the most unsettling thing for me was driving to work on tuesday morning to see smoke billowing out from behind our building and police tape everywhere.  apparently the IGA just two buildings down from ours had broken out into flames just a couple hours before and by the time I had gotten to work, the scene looked something like this: 

the firemen and policemen were such troopers - they worked hard all day long in the unbelievable smokiness.  thankfully, nobody was hurt - the police have deemed it suspicious though.  it still seems surreal.  (i keep wanting to go grab something at the IGA only to remember that its not there anymore)  the rest of the week was a blur, to be honest - i probably only remember this because i have pictures of it...and i can walk up the block and see the pile of rubble that is left of the IGA.  anyway, its off to bed for me - i'll hopefully get a chance to post again soon about our Christmas away from and at home! 


  1. That fire was in the paper way out here in Campbell River! Glad to hear your building is okay.

  2. yea - I'm thankful that nobody got hurt and the fire didn't spread to any other buildings. its sad to see what's left of the IGA though.

  3. Are they going to rebuild it, do you know? I heard they were able to save the old sign, which is neat.

  4. yep - they plan to rebuild, but it will take at least a year & a half from what I hear. And yea, Carmen saw the sign in the back of a truck a few days after the fire. Maybe they'll integrate it into the new building - that would be kind of cool!


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