Tuesday, February 22, 2011

what a great weekend...

Friday:  The other half surprised me with flowers and a lunch date

Saturday:  Got to enjoy a coffee date with the sis, then enjoyed a wonderful evening of dinner/a new board game/visiting with friends

Sunday:  Got to go to the beach after church (despite not being able to feel our fingers or faces!), cleaned up, then went for coffee & crib at starbucks with the other half  (two dates in three days = double bonus!)

All three days:  Sunny & Clear - LOVED it!

So many favorite things in such a short span of time - and I didn't have my camera on me for any of it!  I do, however have this picture from our 2-year Anniversary trip when I beat him at crib for the first time ever!  (very exciting!)

Hope your weekend was equally lovely!  

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