Friday, June 17, 2011

fresh juice - the possibilities are endless!

have I mentioned how into garage sales we've been lately?  it's like a giant treasure hunt and a date all wrapped up into one.  it's how we found our vintage cameras that I told you about last week.  it's also how we found an almost brand new juicer for just $10!

I'd already been thinking about getting a juicer for a while - but I wasn't sure I wanted to spend all that money on something that would require me to sacrifice the fiber I'd get from blending the fruit or just eating it.  but hey, for $10, I was willing to give it a shot.

we made apple juice on our first go - it turned out really well, actually.  you literally just shove the apples  in there (seeds, skin and all!) and BAM--our comes juice!  then we decided to get a bit more adventurous and try a "Grape and Ginger Refresher"  It turned out murky-ish green, but tasted really fresh - sort of sweet and spicy at the same time.  and it had some seriously strong flavor to it - I really liked it, but it was a bit too much for Daniel....I didn't have my camera around the day we made it, so no pictures this time, but here's the recipe just in case you want to give it a try.

Grape and Ginger Refresher

400 g (13 oz) lettuce
2 inches of fresh ginger root (peeled)
400 g (13 oz) green grapes

- wash all ingredients

- roughly chop the lettuce and ginger so that it fits in your juicer 
(we just shoved ours in whole and it worked just fine)

- juice all ingredients

- serve over ice (or frozen grapes would be fun too!)

I would love to hear your thoughts if you decide to make it...also, do any of you own/use a juicer?  any suggestions for good fruit/veggie combinations to try?  I'd love to hear your ideas!  


  1. I can't say much about juicing, but it looks like you guys are having a great time. Also, apple seeds have cyanide in them...say your prayers...j/k

  2. ahhh - hopefully the juicer did a good job of getting the seed bits out of the way! now that I've tried a more creative juice, I don't know that I can go back to just plain apple juice, anyway... ;)


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