Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm going to Carolina in my mind...


so, things have been crazy around here (what else is new?)...currently the crazy-inducing things include:

- trying to get back into the groove of cooking at home 
(which we love doing, but haven't really been able to in the midst of this busy season)

- getting ready to head down to NC!!! 
(can you tell I'm excited?)

- encountering a sudden onslaught of eight-legged visitors around the house
(i HATE spiders - why couldn't we be plagued by anything else?  but it's forcing me to be brave, so that's good at least)

- packing, packing, packing...
(I'm the sort of person who wants to start packing for a trip 2-3 weeks in advance - even if it's just a weekend away!  its more of an excitement thing than a planning thing...I usually restrain myself until the week leading up to the trip, because it's just too messy to keep random piles of clothing, carry-on items, etc lying around)
- eating through the entire contents of our fridge ...makes some pretty interesting meals!
(i hate wasting food ... or letting things go bad while we're gone, so we've had to be a bit creative)

- helping my parents prepare a space for a refugee family who's immigrating here
(it's really eye opening and rewarding - makes you so grateful for the blessings in your life)

- meetings, birthday parties, long walks, appointments, bbq's, coffee dates, etc
( - but i just love being around people...)

- making to-do lists...then making to-do lists about those to-do lists...
(i maintain a love-hate relationship with my lists)

- staying up late watching movies that we've already watched a thousand times
(i know, this is totally ridiculous when there is so much to be done, but it just keeps happening!)

ok, i'll stop there - no need to bore you with any more details  ;)  next time i post, it will probably from a much warmer, vacation-ier, in-law-ier, place...and i'm practically vibrating with excitement!

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