Monday, August 13, 2012

weekend smiles

i know i said camping pictures were up next, 
but i just couldn't resist sharing these silly faces from this past weekend at home
wanna know the best part about these pics?  they're the first ones i've captured of those little bitty teeth growing in...and trust me, i've been trying since they broke through - its harder than you'd think!


  1. I was JUST going to say - I think I see teeth there!! Yay! :) And Tyler and I just got back from camping with Isaac - I look forward to seeing how your adventure went! :)

  2. Hey Jackie - how did camping with your little man go? Our trip was short, but oh so fun! The hardest part of sharing pictures is only picking a few - I love them all, but want to keep the photo vomit contained... ;)

  3. Camping was Great!!! Isaac did wonderfully - he loved being outdoors and seeing all the new things (and it's GREAT that he can't really crawl yet - helps with the containment of the child). He did not enjoy not napping well as we went out every day :). But at the end of the day, he sleeps well at night so I really truly cannot complain. I'm looking forward to your camping post!!!! :)

  4. I totally know what you mean on the containment front! And the girls also had a hard time napping on the go, even when we set them down in the pack n play - Ives cried herself to sleep the first nap so we ended up just walking them to sleep for their daytime naps and sticking them in between us at night.


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