Wednesday, November 21, 2012

meeting the great grands

two months ago, we packed ourselves up
and dared to travel with twins under a year lap children!

actually, the travel part was much less stressful than we thought it would be
(although, if you do choose to  be as crazy as we were, I'd recommend getting an extra seat if you can afford it so that you can trade babies off and get a break now and then!)
but you'd be surprised at how friendly (and willing to help!) strangers can be
between all the volunteer helpers, extra snacks, small new toys (novelty is a wonderful distraction), and pacifiers for take-off and landing, we got there and back with minimal tears

but that's besides the point
the point was getting four generations together
we flew down to introduce the girlies to Daniel's extended family:
his grandparents, 

they drove in from all over the place
showered us with hugs and love and even little presents for the girlies 
Daniel's parents graciously hosted us (read: spoiled us rotten) and his sister cashed in her vacation time to visit with us - it was a real treat!
even their neighbors came by to visit, loaned us baby gear to make our stay easier, even showered us with gifts!
we certainly felt blessed.

and watching the girls meet their great grands was so special,
i was camera happy, as always
the girls were surprisingly friendly and un-shy (hooray!)
and a good time was had by all


  1. Lovely photos - especially the one where lil' one is looking up at the great-grandma. So sweet. And good for you, taking them on a plane ride! You are so brave! :)

  2. haha - thanks, Jackie! We're just booking our Christmas flights right now, actually - we'll see how it goes now that they're a bit older and more mobile...

  3. Ang, you've captured some beautiful moments, the girls are going to be so appreciative of this when they grow up! You have a knack for being in the right place and having perfect timing! I love their big smiles, just seeing it makes me smile


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