Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Mustache Milkshake ...mmm!

happy Monday, peeps!
we had a SUPER fun, SUPER packed weekend:

successfully ran about a bazillion errands after Daniel came home on Friday,
did a pig roast all day Saturday, which, including travel and prep time was a 14+ hour day
went for a delicious lunch with family + did at least four loads of laundry on Sunday

it was probably the busiest weekend we've had since the girls were born
and you know what?
they were SUCH super stars about it!
despite missed naps and random mealtimes
they were really great about not melting down

we were impressed
way to go, girlies!

anyway, between all the time spent outdoors,
the sunshine,
the mosquitos (booooo...),
and all the sweet, juicy fruit we were munching on
(pretty sure i ate my weight in watermelon between the pig roast and dinner yesterday,
plus the girlies discovered they love grapes) just felt like summer suddenly kicked into gear

and it's only gonna get better
because on Thursday we head off for our annual camping weekend

we look forward to this trip all year
there's not much better than 
getting to enjoy the outdoors,
with some of our best friends,
grilling all our meals,
soaking up the sunshine,
chatting by the fire,
cooking and eating together,
passing on our love of camping to our kids,
etc, etc, etc

so, with a great weekend behind us
and a great weekend before us
i thought it would be fitting to celebrate Monday
by sharing a delicious milkshake with you
it's superbly chocolatey, relatively healthy and cold...perfect for celebrating summer!
oh, and it's nice and thick, so expect a great milk mustache!
Chocolate Banana Mustache Milkshake

1 cup organic brown rice milk
(or whatever milk you prefer)

1 frozen banana

1 tbsp cocoa

1 tbsp almond butter

1/2 cup ice

- blend ingredients together until smooth
- drink up!
trust me, this one's worth the mustache!

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