Tuesday, August 20, 2013

little explorers

it's been just over a month
since i last shared pictures from our camping trip earlier this year,
photo-processing time has been very limited lately,
but i've finally managed to pump out another "batch"

these were taken one afternoon after a super rainy morning
the sun broke through the clouds almost as quickly as the storm blew in
(which was surprisingly quick!)
so we "unleashed" the girls out in a field to explore the great outdoors

they loved the wide open spaces
and being able to pick up little "souvenirs" like sticks and rocks
and i loved seeing them making so many new discoveries 
...they looked so small up against the mountains and towering trees!

see if you can spot the couple frames
where one of the girls takes a break from being surrounded by this amazing landscape,
just to make a quick "phone call" on a rock she found 
sigh...they are suburbanites, after all! 

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