Friday, November 8, 2013

keepin' it simple

sometimes, simple is best
take for example, the things i've been thankful for these past couple of days:
that these two have each other - usually the best of friends, sometimes the worst of enemies,
but there's no denying they love each other

for spinach and eggs...for reals, guys, this is a combination i couldn't live without!
warm soup + the stillness of naptime - a rare combination, but oh-so-wonderful

you know what else is simple and awesome?
roasted broccoli
3 ingredients, 3 steps - you can't get much simpler than that!

you guys know i'm not one for complicated recipes
and this one is no exception!
i needed something to serve alongside the simple salmon we were having for dinner
and i threw this together using whatever i had on hand
it was so good, we didn't have any leftovers
but if we did, i'm sure they would have been delicious thrown into a salad for lunch the next day...
(that was my original plan)
anyway, try 'em for yourself and see what you think
- 4 cups broccoli (chopped into medium sized florets)
- 1 shallot / small onion (roughly chopped)
- 1-2 tbsp bacon grease
1) use a large pan to melt the bacon grease on medium heat
2) add onion and broccoli and stir so that everything gets coated nicely
3) transfer to a large cookie sheet and roast them for 20 minutes, pulling them out halfway through to flip them (i decided to be lazy and lined the cookie sheet with foil to help with clean-up)
i made them earlier in the day then gave them a quick pan-fry (no added grease) to heat them up just before dinner
if this is a bit too simple for you
i'm sure you could do all kinds of flavor variations,  
like maybe a sprinkle of parmesan just before serving?
or lemon zest and fresh ground pepper might be good too...
let me know how it turns out if you change it up!

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