Monday, August 4, 2014

a good start to the week

hello friends - happy monday to you!
as you've probably noticed, i finally got around to a bit of updating around here
nothing too crazy - just freshened up with a new header + adjusted fonts / colors etc

i guess i was in a catch-up-on-things-that-are-long-overdue kick over the weekend
because not only did i spruce up my little corner of the internet, 
i also caught up on some vacation photos from our last trip to florida
(briefly blogged about here and here, but that was about it)

exactly 3 months ago we were smack-dab in the middle of our fabulous time there
and for some reason, i just flipped through our photos and decided it's high time i shared some
so here's a batch from our last morning there

the water was rough, but we figured it was our last chance to get out in it
to our surprise, the girlies loved it!
and they weren't the only ones
i mean, what's not to love?
their contagious squeals of joy, the sound of the waves crashing, salty air and good company
my heart was full

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