Monday, October 6, 2014

mixing work and pleasure

as soon as daniel walked through the door on friday after work
i asked if he wanted to go for a "scouting picnic"
you see, i had been toting the girls around all week to different locations
trying to find that perfect spot to do my fall mini photo sessions
and while we were at it, we explored and played and enjoyed this year's mild October weather
(side note:  October?  really?!  how? why? whaaaat?! least it's still been wonderful outside)

anyway, while drifting off the night before, i had thought of one more spot to check out
and so we packed up our water bottles + a simple picnic dinner
(ham + mustard lettuce wraps / apples / olives / grain free brownies for dessert...yep, we're that fancy)
and headed off for an evening of exploration / location scouting
i'd be lying if i said it went 100% smoothly
because, let's be honest, two year olds at the end of the day can be a little testy
but, i can honestly say it was well worth it!
i'm continually amazed and inspired by how intricately and beautifully created the world around us is
29 years on this earth, and it still hasn't gotten old!

i hope to pass that wonder on to our children
and i think one of the best ways of doing that is to get them out in it
and if i get some work done while i'm at it, well then that's a double bonus

aaaaaand on a slightly related note, here's a shameless plug for any of you who are local 
and are interested in booking a mini session:
i'm even running a facebook contest, where you could win your session for free!
be sure to follow the link to check out how you can win + the deadline for entries
it would be so fun to meet local readers and capture images for you!

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