Saturday, July 11, 2015

saturday bloggin' aka photo vomit

i don't normally blog on saturdays
but yesterday we got together with friends
and made tie dye shirts

then we had to wait 24 hours to unveil the final product
and i went a little camera happy

because tie dye

and toddlers

let's just say, i think this will be the first of many tie dye adventures
now on to the photo vomit part...

p.s. if this has inspired you to do some tie dying with your littles, 
here are some "resources" / what we used:
* how to & inspiration courtesy of sheena's first and second tie dye extravaganzas

* this tulip brand tie dye kit 
(except i hit up my local michaels store and used a 40% coupon so it only cost me $10ish)

* $3 t-shirts from good ol' walmart

* dollar store tablecloths left over from the girlies' birthday party: to do all the dyeing on, so that once we were all done, we could wrap up all the bits and pieces in it and chuck it
...and one more to lay our (still pretty wet) shirts on when we unwrapped them, once again so that we could contain the mess then wrap up and get rid of it easily

the girls still haven't tried them on yet (you have to wash them before you wear them), 
but they're pretty stoked about them, and it was a super fun process!

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