Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Kings & Wild Things

a few snapshots from this rainy / windy morning
to prove that we are alive (hah!)
and to serve as a reminder to savor the littlest of things
like these two
and their paper crowns leftover from yesterday's homeschooling*
*we made the crowns a part of a "K is for King" lesson and they were SUPER easy to make:

just cut a zigzag pattern down the middle of a sheet of construction paper, 
then line up the two pieces side-by-side & tape / glue where the two ends meet
let the kiddos decorate then wrap around their heads to measure crown size
once you've determined how big the crown needs to be, use tape to secure the ends
sit back and make dinner in peace while hours of imaginative play ensue.


p.s. i've written countless blog posts in my head lately & have been stockpiling recipes to share
hopefully soon we'll figure out enough of a groove for me to post more consistently

until then
hope you are all well!!! 
(assuming anybody still reads this!)

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