Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saturday mornings are the best...

I love waking up early on Saturdays - going for a run, making a fancy breakfast, having time to do both of those things ..heaven!  (most days I have to choose one or the other...or neither)

Being out and about early on a Saturday is probably one of my favorite things to do - in fact, back in the day when I worked at Starbucks, I L-O-V-E-D, loved, LOVED the Saturday morning open.  (just in case you weren't clear on how I felt about it!)  Call me crazy, but driving to work with no one on the roads, getting to grind all that coffee (love that smell), serving drinks and pastries to fellow morning people (because most people who go for coffee on a Saturday morning are there because they want to be there, not because they have to be somewhere), watching the sun rise and the neighborhood come to life - ah, I couldn't have been happier.

And even now that I'm not workin' for Harold anymore, I still get up early on Saturdays - not 4:30, like I did for those opens, but a good solid 6 am.  Which I suppose isn't terribly early, but its still early enough to be part of that "crazy morning people" club.  Sometimes, when I really want to treat myself, I drive down to Crescent Beach for a Saturday morning run - not only is possibly my favorite place in the world, but on Saturday mornings it is full of morning people who like to run - its like a secret club of people just like me!  (and here I was thinking I was an oddball - you just gotta look in the right places!)

I could ramble on forever, but I'll stop there - but before I take off , I wanted to share the breakfast I made up last Saturday morning, just in case you too love being up early on a Saturday and are looking to make a fancier-than-the-typical-weekday breakfast.

Curry and Garlic Frittata

a touch of extra virgin olive oil
1/4 cup (ish) onion, chopped 
1/8 tsp medium curry powder
1 clove garlic, diced
1/4 (ish) red bell pepper, chopped
1 [double yolked, farm fresh] egg
paprika, to taste
cayenne pepper, to taste
freshly cracked black pepper, to taste
feta cheese, to taste (optional)

- Heat olive oil in frying pan or skillet* on medium-high (I literally used a couple of drops, but my pan was non-stick, so you may need to use more if you're using cast iron, stainless steel, etc)

- Add onions and curry powder, stirring occasionally for a few minutes (until the onions start to get a bit softer)

- Add garlic and continue to cook, stirring occasionally, for a minute(ish) then add the bell pepper and for another minute or so.
(I like my pepper to retain its structure, so I add it in pretty late - if you like it more mushy, you may want to add it in with the onions!)

- Add the egg, mixing everything together, then spread egg mixture evenly in the pan. 

- Sprinkle paprika, cayenne and black pepper over mixture.

- Cover and continue to cook to desired doneness, flipping if necessary (I am kind of crazy and like my egg browned, so I definitely flip - that would also be where I sprinkle a touch of feta, so it can get a little melty while the flipped half browns)

*you may want to go with a small frying pan or skillet, so your egg doesn't end up super skinny and difficult to eat!

Happy Saturday Mornings!

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