Monday, August 22, 2011

we've been busy!

so the sun finally came out for a gorgeous and warm weekend, but we spent it indoors.  why, you ask?  well there was lots to do, like:

- wiping down walls
- magic erasing mystery marks (thank God for Mr. Clean!)
- filling in dents
- sanding down the spots we filled in 
- taping baseboards / windows / heaters / etc
- emptying closets / moving furniture 
- choosing paint colors
- painting said colors

...all in preparation for new carpets at my parents house.  (for mothers / fathers day we gave them "service hours" plus a certain amount of money towards upcoming renos)  i wasn't allowed to paint with the little one tagging along, but there was plenty of other stuff to get done.

speaking of the little one, I cannot believe how much we've grown in just a week (weird, to think of myself as "we")!  i'll try and keep you posted with photos - tomorrow we'll be 17 weeks along, so hopefully i'll get a chance to post a 17 week photo.  i've also been wanting to share a couple other little posts that i've been picking away at, so there should be lots coming your way soon, but this will have to do in the midst of the renovations (which, hopefully, will be done by the end of the week).  

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