Monday, September 5, 2011

baby steps and breathing

hello there - it's been a bit quiet around this blog for a bit... things have been a wee bit crazy.  life at the moment = half finished projects, super busy at work, super busy doing work outside of work, regular tasks to keep up with, random extra stuff that's come up, prepping to be in a wedding this week, plus a little peanut inside making sure to let me know that i need extra time for appointments, sleeping, resting, eating, exercising etc.

this past week has been busy, productive, at times very stressful, but encouraging at the same time.  i have lots to share, and I promise it will come one of these days!  right now, though, my main goal is to breathe in, breathe out, then try to focus on the task at hand.  the list of tasks that i am facing is truly overwhelming, so i'm using a tactic i learned in university, when things got really stressful - baby steps.  just keep working at the pile step by step, keep priorities where they're supposed to be, and eventually, it will all get done.  so that is what i have to focus on right steps and breathing.  speaking of babies though - i do have an overdue 18 week picture to share with you.
not the prettiest picture of my life - it was the end of the day and I had just finished working out, but it documents the little one's progress just the same!  and with that, i'm off - i'll be back with some of the things that i've been wanting to share hopefully sooner rather than later!

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