Tuesday, September 13, 2011

to quote bon jovi...

we're halfway there!

...and apparently i like the color blue - maybe it's a sign?  haha.   i wonder if i'll actually double the size that i'm at right now by the end.  only time will tell, i guess.  speaking of time, it's about time i put down in words some of the baby-thoughts that go through my head everyday, so here we go...

dear baby,

i can't believe we're already 20 weeks along!  i remember your early weeks, when i would count down the days, just so i could say we had another week down and now we're halfway there.  where did the time go?  it still doesn't seem real sometimes, even though it's hard to miss when i look in the mirror now.  i've had such a great time carrying you so far - you've been a great sport and i've been very blessed to be feeling well. 

it's been so nice to finally start feeling you moving around in my belly lately.  the first time it happened, your daddy and i were enjoying a long walk when all of a sudden i stopped in my tracks -  i thought i had walked right into something, but it was really just you flicking me from the inside.  every time you kick or push against me, i can't help but smile and thank God for you.  daddy's pretty excited to see your little kicks and pokes -  it's just a matter of time... 

the weather's gotten cooler this week - we're heading into fall and then winter; i'm normally really sad to see summer end, but this year i get to look forward to your arrival in january.  it'll be nice to share body warmth with you as the cold sets in - i've been told you'll keep me pretty warm towards the end. 

i love that we're so close right now, but i can't help counting down the next 20 weeks until we finally get to see and hold you. in the meantime, there's lots of preparation to do.  everything from what to name you to where you'll be sleeping to getting the things we need to take care of you.  God is good and i know He will provide the resources and wisdom we need to make whatever decisions the next couple of months hold for us.  learning to trust Him more is just one of many ways that He has already used you to sanctify me; i'm sure there will be many, many more and i am so thankful for that.   

well, that's all for now.  we love you so much and pray for you every single day. 

your mom

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