Thursday, January 12, 2012

2011 in Review - Part III

i've been really slow with sharing these 2011 snapshots - blame it on non-cooperative software and non-cooperative (aka 2 weeks overdue!) babies.

but, i was finally able to figure out a way to prep this next bunch of images for the blog despite my moody computer issues!  so here you go:

2011 - The View:

*my sum-up is totally missing summer pictures, guess I was having too much fun to stop and pick up my camera ... note to self - try harder next year!  ;)


  1. Nice! I love the caterpillar photo and the berries! You have a great eye Angy! :)

  2. Nice bokeh on the green inch worm!

  3. Thanks, ladies! @Cecelia - the lighting was just STUNNING the day I took that berries was so hard to decide which one to post!


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