Sunday, January 29, 2012

it's January 29th...

happy due date, girlies!

i can't believe you're exactly TWO weeks old already

life has changed so much in that time; it's hard to remember what it was like before
your dad and i have learned more than we ever thought was possible in such a short spurt
and we've loved getting to know you as we learn to be a family
words cannot express how much we love you little bugs

right now life is a blur of feeding cycles and long nights
we're trying to enjoy the season, knowing that it won't last long
so here's to getting in as many newborn snuggles and late night cuddles as we can squeeze in
despite that moment at 3am when you won't eat, we can't sleep and we wonder if it'll ever get better

before we know it, though, there'll be skinned knees, first loves and everything in between
there's so much to look forward to and enjoy at each stage

right now, group naps on the couch are a favorite
you two are the biggest cuddle bugs and daddy is a human heater - makes for a great combination!


  1. From what I hear (as a mom of a 3 week old!), 6 weeks is THE mark to hit when things get a bit...more regular...Go Angy & Dan, Go! :) At 3AM, I have a little guy who, instead of not waking, will not sleep :). I cannot imagine having TWO! Glad that you are trying to enjoy these moments - so are we :).

  2. they are to DIE For!!! Kind of making me want there to be two babies in my belly right now! haha :)

  3. I love your writing style. You should make your blog into a book! Also, that picture is adorable. :)

  4. @Jackie - thanks for the encouragement - we'll be counting down... :D

    @Vanessa - haha, let me tell ya, two can be a handful!

    @Laura - right back at ya, that means a lot coming from you :)


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