Saturday, July 28, 2012

an update...

...on this whole eating solids thing.  a couple of posts ago, i mentioned that we were going to try rice cereal as our first solid food.  and we did. since then we've tried carrots and even sweet potatoes.  and every time, we get the same reactions:  Aria is all over it, while Ives is a bit more hesitant.   

i read somewhere that it takes at least ten tries before a baby is set on whether or not they like a food, so i keep trying.  and she responds better every time...turns out she's just not too keen on change (got that from her mama), but she's being a good sport about it.  i've got the pictures to prove it.  
can you guess who's who?


  1. Love the pictures Ang! Like the one where Dan looks like a giant

  2. thanks, Evan! how have you been? just caught up a bit on you blog - looks like you're loving life in aussieland! :)


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