Wednesday, July 4, 2012

So long, farewell: An ode, to Agnes

Yesterday we handed Agnes over to our local car dealer in exchange for keys to the new guy (yet to be named)
Agnes was Daniel's little red civic, his first car.

She facilitated many a ride home, allowing me and Daniel to get to know each other.
She came along for our first date, 
Listened as first "I love you's" were muttered, 
Stood by as I fell in love with "Daniel from Florida with the really blue eyes."
She hummed along while we had our first major fight, 
Each of us sitting on our side of the car in silence,
Then finally, slowly reaching out a hand of apology.

She drove us to the beach - rain or shine (or snow, if Daniel would let me!)
Rugby games, BBQs, parties,
Took us camping, to picnics, on countless road trips and day trips to Seattle, Whistler, the Okanagan, Whidbey Island etc etc etc 
She's helped us build many a great memory.

She came along as we ferried over to the island for yet another daytrip:  
the museum, organic pizza, sightseeing, a nap on a park bench, 
dinner with a view, a walk along a breathtaking cliffside, 
then finally, a ring, lovely words, some tears, a "yes!", more tears...
we left home that morning as boyfriend and girlfriend and came back as fiances.  

She took us to meet vendors, see venues, plan a wedding. 
Helped us look at countless places before picking out our first place together.
Matched my first car, the little green civic.
Saw us through our first couple years of marriage, a pregnancy, twins!

Like any good civic, she was still kickin' at almost 400,000 kilometers.
She may have needed a facelift, but she was still a great car.
I've known her for as long as I've known Daniel - almost 10 years now!
Great as she was, she wasn't up to the task of lugging around our growing family so we had to let her go.
Farewell, Agnes - you were a very special car and will be missed!

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