Monday, September 10, 2012

Camping Part Three: Heading Home

something happened over the weekend
i saw the leaves start to turn
fiery reds popped up in the lush green trees that lined the streets
a cool (or dare i say cold) breeze made its way through our windows overnight
i felt a knot in my stomach
and a lump in my throat
my annual end of summer meltdown threatened to rear its ugly head
except...i don't feel quite as panicked this year as i've felt in the past
maybe because my summer this year wasn't spent chasing the sun, soaking up every ray possible
i was busy holding little hands, wiping little faces, hearing little giggles
don't get me wrong, i still enjoyed it - it was just...different
and those little hands, faces and giggles that made my summer so special don't end with the season
and i'm actually kind of eager to see what the next season will be like with my baby girls
its like that first day of school giddiness that i talked about in my very first post on this blog 
(already two years ago, believe it or not!)
so here's my last camping installment...perhaps the last "summery" post before switching gears to pumpkins, blankets, baking, board games, hot chocolate, snuggling with family, etc, etc, etc...all with my littles in tow!

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