Wednesday, September 12, 2012

he loves me

i know this...
...because his aunt tells me that she's never heard him talk about any girl like he does about me
...because he's patient with me
...because he's willing to share his peanut M&Ms with me, knowing that i will spit out the peanuts
...because he lets me sleep on his pillow while my side of the bed sits wide open
...because he doesn't think i'm too crazy for trying a creme egg every Easter, even though i hate them
...because he laughs at my corny jokes
...because he eats "interesting" foods for me
...because tries all kinds of things that he knows he won't like, just because i asked him to

etc etc etc

i picked a heck of a guy to marry
Monday, he came home from a long day of work,
laced up his runners,
and ran alongside me
for my first post-pregnancy run
our first family run
i know it seems silly, but it was a bit of a big deal to me

i was beaming and didn't know it
he told me i really needed to wipe that grin off my face
we both chuckled
and i kept on grinning
when we got home, he helped feed our by-then screaming daughters
tucked them into bed
and let me talk him into doing a Jillian Michaels work out with me

let me tell you something about us:
we're polar opposites
i love to run and strength train
him...not so much.
but he still does it because he knows i love it
and i love him

feels good to be back in my running shoes again!

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