Friday, April 5, 2013

how is it already friday / thank heavens it's friday!

have you ever hand one of those weeks (or days, or months...)
that both flew by and dragged on at the same time?
well, this was one of those weeks

nothing particularly bad happened
just the girlies and i are sick again
which makes for sad babies / long nights / a tired mama / no downtime
...and three girls who are extremely thankful for friday, 
when daddy comes home early(ish) 
and can take care of us / snuggle with us

you know what else i'm thankful for today? 
leftovers that recycle beautifully into a quick and healthy breakfast
to get me started on the right foot for the {potentially} long day ahead!

it all started when we had tacos for dinner the other night
but since i'm not a huge fan of ground beef, 
i cooked up some red quinoa to substitute for most of the beef on my plate  
(side note: it's pronounced keen-wa, if anyone's wondering...i know i did for a while!), 
then added a tiny bit of beef to get that taco flavor and vwalla - all the yumminess + protein, 
with barely any ground beef!
(yes, i admittedly feel very clever about my solution)

anyway, all that to say, I had some leftover quinoa in the fridge that needed using up
so this morning, i made "quinoa porridge" with it, and it actually turned out really good!
...not to mention, it may just be the easiest breakfast you'll ever make *double bonus*

if you're strapped for time, or have some cooked quinoa that needs recycling / reinventing, 
(or even if you have the time to make quinoa especially for this)
you should definitely give it a try
keep in mind, these measurements are guesstimates and can easily be adjusted to your tastes!

leftover quinoa porridge

1 cup cooked quinoa 
(i used a splash of 2% mixed with some organic unsweetened brown rice milk - use just enough to cover the quinoa)
a handful of dried fruit 
(i used craisins infused with pomegranate juice, but whatever you've got on hand works - raisins, currants, blueberries, apricots, anything really!) 
a swirl of honey
a dash or two of cinnamon  

- put quinoa in a microwave safe bowl and add milk until it is just level with the quinoa then zap for 30 seconds or until it is warm enough for your liking 
(if you cooked quinoa up especially for this breakfast, skip the zapping and just stir the milk in once the quinoa's cooked)

- top with remaining ingredients

- enjoy your delicious, healthy and super easy breakfast!

can it get any easier?  didn't think so.

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