Wednesday, April 10, 2013

so i'm a little behind...

i was supposed to post this on monday, 
but that didn't happen (obviously)
so let's just pretend it's monday (or at least that it's not already wednesday), deal?  

i wanted to share a bit of our weekend with you all
i was expecting it to be pretty low-key,
since the girlies and i are fighting another cold
but the sun came out and we couldn't help but head outside and enjoy it despite our sniffles

and we didn't need to go any further than the back yard for the adventures to begin!
little bare feet running around in the grass, 
little hands picking flowers for the very first time,
little tastebuds tasting said flowers (insert first time mama freak out moment here),
...we had a blast!

the girlies practiced their walking skills 
and their walking daddy skills
all the while exploring to their little hearts' delight

they had a great time and so did we 
i can't believe it never occurred to me to let them run around the back yard before!

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