Wednesday, July 24, 2013

double chocolate larabars

let me begin this post by admitting something:
i love larabars
they're convenient, delicious and wholesome
plus, i'm a texture eater (it's true)
and they are the perfect amount of chewy for me:
not too hard, not too mushy, not too stick-in-your-teeth
(that last one is the worst!)

so i'm sure you're all wondering, 
if the real deal is so great,
why on earth would i try and make my own?

well, despite being the if-it-ain't-broke-don't-fix-it type, 
i decided to try homemade larabars for two reasons:
1) cost ... legit larabars are undeniably delicious, but the cost can add up after a while
2) convenience - this is the big one.  pre-kids i didn't think twice about heading to the grocery store if i needed something between our weekly shops; but twins throw a wrench in that kind of thing...impromptu trips to the grocery store aren't usually an option between nursing, naps, diapers, etc  

so anyway, i searched for a recipe and found this one
then tweaked it a tiny bit
and voila - DIY larabars!
just dump the ingredients listed below into your food processor or blender
then run it till it forms a "dough" 
(you'll notice a distinct change in took about 30 seconds or so for me)

press the dough into a pan lined with wax paper then cut into bars
or roll into larabar "bites," if you prefer
tip: if you're a more patient person than i am,
this last step is easier if you stick it in the fridge for a bit first
we've been obsessed with these lately
even the girls love them
i just roll the dough up into little balls for them and it's a great finger food
i'm already working on other larabar recipes, so watch out for variations of this one!

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