Monday, July 8, 2013

summer senses...

this morning, i laid in bed with one of my littles,
waiting for her sis (who was still snoozing away in their room) to wake up
i was trying to catch a few extra seconds of shut eye
my child, however, had a different agenda
which involved testing just how far she could lean over the edge of the bed 
before tumbling off

so despite my best efforts, 
there was no sleep to be had
what i did get to do is close my eyes, take a deep breath 
and listen to the neighborhood waking up outside my bedroom window
and it got me thinking about all the senses we've been enjoying lately

birds singing early in the morning...silver lining to the early bird babies!
sprinklers going off in the neighborhood
kids giggling and playing all around
the ice cream truck coming around!!!

so much goodness right now - i love summer food!  
grilling, berries, stone fruit, iced coffee...ahhh!
rosewater / saffron / pistachio newest [addicting] obsession

songs with the littles
goofy songs. before bed songs. soothing songs. --doesn't matter, we're singin' em!

salty air at the beach, and lots of it...can't help myself!
a super fresh breeze blowing in through our open windows
the faint smell of chlorine in the air as we walk past pooled backyards
fresh cut grass - 'tis the season, after all

slimy seaweed under our feet during barefoot, tide's-out walks
the sun on our skin...can there be a better feeling?
cool water in our backyard, blow-up pool - so refreshing!
(and the kiddos are really loving it)

summery weekends as a family: garage sale-ing, rooftop lunching, beach going, etc
this last one was a gooder...i'm still smiling about it
watching our girlies interact and play with each other so much more these days 
reliving our camping trip as i sloooooowly cull through our snapshots
the good news:  not doing photos means i'm spending time outside 
the bad news:  you'll have to settle for just a few images at a time as i crank them out...

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