Tuesday, March 18, 2014

st patrick's day green x2

yesterday was st. patrick's day
which has always seemed to be an interesting 'holiday' to me
some people seem to go all out - green hair, green clothes, big green themed party...
and others...not so much

my family never really celebrated it growing up
in fact, i remember going to school those first couple years after moving to the states
and thinking what a coincidence it was that nearly every once in my class wore green on the same day 
what are the odds? i would think to myself
and why are these green-clad classmates of mine pinching those of us who didn't get the memo?
i eventually figured out what was going on
and started wearing something green on the day, just for fun
but that's about as much as i participate...and my family thinks i'm strange for even doing that!

ironically, i had a green smoothie for breakfast today
and thought to myself: 
darn - shoulda thought of this yesterday, then i could have put a st. patty's day post on the blog!
but then i figured, why not share it a day late - it's what all the cool kids are doing, right?
...ok, maybe not, but it's what i'm doing

i should note that i was feeling pretty lazy when i made this
which means this recipe is as simple as it gets:
3 ingredients, 1 step - easy, peasy

lazy day hemp protein green smoothie

- 1/2 to 3/4 cup mighty mango naked juice
(maybe this is cheating, but it was in my fridge so i used it!)

- 1 big fistful of organic baby spinach

- 2 tbsp raw shelled hemp seeds
(you could probably bump this up to 3 if you want, i only did 2 because i had some coconut coffee already and i figured the fat from that would fill me up a little bit)

- blend ingredients together and pour into a glass

oh, and if you want to see even more green, 
check out this picture from a recent newborn session i did with my sweet niece:

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