Monday, March 31, 2014

a decade of Dangy

8 dinners at the olive garden
carpooling to school and back in a little red civic
long summer days, bonfires, late night beach walks
extreme croquet, extreme bocci (slap "extreme" infront of anything and it instantly becomes more fun)
working side-by-side on campus
tackling classes like statistics together (ugh)
tears...lots of tears (i cry when i'm happy and when i'm sad!)
a late night out on a rugby field, watching planes take off through corridors of stars shining bright 
coffee dates, dinner dates, anytime dates
road trips, camping, kayaking, hiking, picnicing, garage-saleing
rugby games, basketball games, volleyball games, 
talking you into dressing up as a bunch of grapes for halloween
a beautiful engagement, wedding planning, 
learning how to love each other
ikea dates, naps in parking lots
honeymooning, our first place together, bumps in the road
walking with Jesus together, forgiveness
fresh flowers, saturday morning baking, football games, anniversaries, 
finding a barn in the middle of nowhere that sells the BEST ice cream and pies, B&Bs
new jobs, new place, new cars, new friends
long walks, "growing up", making decisions
loooooong nights, compromise, sacrifice
love that is deeper, messier and more fun than i ever expected

what on earth do all these things have to do with each other?
they are a snapshot;
a handful of memories from the last ten years spent in with Daniel 
happy aniversary, you old fart - here's to ten more!

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