Tuesday, February 17, 2015

pink milk and pigtails

i often feel like i'm up to my neck in "unprocessed" photos
you know, ones that just get offloaded onto a hard drive without even deleting the baddies?
(let alone, picking favorites, any editing that might be involved, etc)
tell me i'm not the only one who does this?  anyone?

ok, maybe it's just me
but the point is, i'm trying to find ways to get better at it
("it" = keeping up with all the digital images i'm drowning in)
so that i can actually enjoy the pictures i take
and maybe, just maybe, even print some

i suppose i could just stop taking pictures altogether
that would definitely lessen the amount of work involved
but that's not going to happen any time soon
(obviously...have you met me?  i still remember the look of shock in my father-in-law's eyes when we travelled overseas together a couple years ago and he heard the speed at which my shutter was going!)

so instead i'm just making an effort to get through my photos, month by month
so that they are a little more manageable (baby steps, am i right?)
and who knows, maybe i'll start posting "a month in photos" for each one
as motivation to get it done

all that being said, it's halfway through february and i'm still working on january
(hah!  typical!)
in my defence, the photography business has kicked up a bit lately, so i've been tied up with that
plus the girlies were sick for a month straight, basically
which always switches us into more-cuddles-less-stuff-getting-done mode

but, speaking of being sick, here are a few photos from one of our sick mornings at home
complete with "pink milk" 
(aka steamed milk with one pump of raspberry syrup...you're welcome)
no shortage of sass in this house... :)
sisterly conversation (trust be baby girls, cultivate that relationship - it never gets old!) 
k mom, we're over this whole paparazzi thing...! 

hopefully i'll have more to share with you soon!

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