Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Robin Hood and Little John, walking through the forest...

i like to think that i'm a creative person
but if there's one thing i'm not terribly creative at, it's parenting
you may be surprised to find out that Daniel is the creative one when it comes to the kids
he's always coming up with crazy games out of the blue, 
fun little impromptu competitions 
and the most interesting ways to teach the girls about the world around them!

but i'm trying to get better at it, 
and every once in a while, i luck out and a brilliant idea strikes
like when i suggested we go find a forest and pretend to be Robin Hood
our day instantly transformed from whiny, stir crazy and sad
to running through the woods, singing silly songs and giggling along the way

not gonna lie, i was pretty proud of myself

oh, and a couple very important notes:
1) we had to take a picture by the park sign to prove we went to an actual "forest"
2) the ferns were a HUGE hit
3) nobody wanted to play Little John, so we ended up with two Robin Hoods running through the forest
4) our "forest" is just a random narrow strip of trees that apparently qualifies as a park,
but hey, it did the trick!

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