Thursday, November 18, 2010

doom, gloom and BAKING!

this week's weather was typical fall/winter fare around here:  wet.  and cold (perhaps a flurry or two!). and oh so dark.  those are the three things that make winters here hard to face.  but alas, in 34 days (yes, I am counting down and yes that might make me seem crazy, but it's what I do to try and keep from actually going crazy) the days will slowly begin to stretch, until that glorious summer day when sun sticks around till like, 10pm.

in the meantime, I look for things that counteract the gloom of the season(s):  time with family, coffee shops, new recipes with whatever the season has to offer [plus old favorites of course], friends, games, hot chocolate, baking etc -- those are just some of my go-to 'winter busters'.

monday night I went down the baking route and attempted german[ish] chocolate cake.  sadly, I was a little eager on the peel-it-out-of-the-pan-and-ice-it ball, which gave me a falling apart cake that didn't take too well to icing, but it was yummy nonetheless.  (you live and you learn I suppose!)

ironically, despite actually following a recipe (for once!), I still made changes along the way.  too many changes, as it turns out.  so the final recipe is sort of a mystery.  maybe one day i'll have a recipe for you, but until then, pictures will have to suffice. if you're really that eager to know, I can try and retrace my steps just for you!  

what do you do to beat the winter blues?


  1. You get chocolate curls in your coffee too now?

  2. and is that an espresso truffle???

  3. It makes me a little bit sad that I can't decipher your drink... I've been away from the green apron for too long. (Although I shouldn't complain about that.) What I have been doing to beat the winter blues is sit around with a bunch of high school kids and cut out paper snowflakes to hang on my classroom windows. :) It makes things surprisingly whimsical.

  4. Ann, that is an old pic (2 winters ago, I think - back in the day when I worked for sbux so apparently I used to and yes it is)

    Laura - I'm getting to that point too, it is a tad bit sad isn't it? I still remember this one though - its a 1/2 caf, no whip, with chocolate curls, espresso truffle! snowflake making does sound lovely - i hope its a reflection of your teaching experience so far! :)

  5. Can you make snowflakes for my window's Laura?? I was thinking of making them from Vinyl but I've been too lazy!


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