Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Not for the faint of heart...or the tender hearted

as the title suggests, this post is not for you if ...
... you are a vegetarian due to ethical reasons/strong feelings re: animal rights
... you are a farm animal lover
... you prefer your meat in fillet form (rather than the way it looks when it arrives at the butcher's)

along with that disclaimer, i need to clarify that posting (me, in this case) and carrying on with reading (you, in this case) does not mean that we are anti-farm animal, heartless meat-atarians (is that a word?).  its just me sharing a story with you, despite its moderately gory nature.  don't hate me.

without further ado, my friday:

we drove out here: (stunning, isn't it? i love this place!)
to do this:
in this weather:  (yes, we're sissies - in our mild-weathered books, this was FREEZING)
took a break or two to do this:
then went back to this:
which eventually went alongside this:
and ended with this:

all mixed in with laughter, good conversation, catching up with old friends & making new ones - 'twas lovely, to say the least. 

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