Thursday, November 4, 2010

thoughts bouncing around in this ol' head of mine

Absurd ideas always seem so realistic in the wee hours of the night.  Sometimes said ideas are fears, other times they’re dreams.  When they’re the former, nights seem endless.  I recall many a night filled ridiculous fears from my childhood...oh who am I kidding, I still have those kinds of nights; the fears have just changed as I’ve grown older.  But eventually, sleep comes, restless as it may be.  And daylight exposes the monsters of the dark as silliness and makes them seem so far away.  I usually end up chuckling at the very thing that left me paralyzed with fear a mere twelve hours before. 

The dreams, ironically, aren’t much better – they haunt me with possibilities and opportunities, beckon me to think big and repeatedly whisper you can do better.  And they always seem brilliant ...right up until the morning light melts them away with realism and practicality.  Daniel says I should just run with them and see where they take me.  Maybe one day I’ll scrape up enough courage to do so...maybe that day isn’t so far in the distance.  Who knows – until then, I will enjoy for its many blessings and for the reminder of mercy and grace that it brings. 

Ok so now that you think I’m crazy – I must admit that am a dreamer and a thinker so sometimes these things just slip out (thanks for listening—err—reading)!

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