Friday, December 3, 2010

despite appearances...

... i am still alive and still very much interested in keeping up with this blog.  but alas, it has been a long, busy, and at times a bit of a hard week.

it feels like forever ago now, but just last Saturday we celebrated Thanksgiving as a family -- i've got a post in the works to share that with you, it was a wonderful time.

we're also preparing to travel to see family for the holiday season coming up - i'm sure i'll have plenty of photos to share with you from that trip.  we're really looking forward to it (counting down, in fact)!

countless Christmas parties and get-togethers are also very near in the future - which means lots of planning for events and attending events.  which is great - we love opportunities to connect with others can also become draining if we're not careful, though.

all that being said, the business of the season is definitely kicking in, and as we approach the heart of the season let's try to keep in mind the real reason behind all of the glitz and craziness - let us adore Him, and from the outflow of that, let us seize every opportunity to reflect who He is to those whose paths He has crossed with ours.

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