Tuesday, May 3, 2011

we are crazy - but we're ok with that

it seems like every date i plan for daniel and i fails miserably.  he says its because i get an idea and go with it before thinking it through.  and he's probably right - but i just can't help myself sometimes! 

on one of our more recent escapades, i decided we were going to have a picnic on the beach ...on a cold/on the verge of raining morning.  so i packed up some sandwiches + drinks in our little picnic basket and hoped that my persistence would convince the sun to come out just for a little while...no such luck.  

we decided not to let the sun's non-cooperative attitude dampen our spirits and at the very least, we needed to record how miserably cold we were (for future reference/ridicule) 
*note to self:  avoid fits of uncontrollable laughter when there's a camera in your face

it wasn't all for naught though - there was this lady there flying the coolest kite!  we tried to get a couple pictures of her without looking like giant creepers who take pictures of strangers...although that is exactly what we were doing.  
(...it kind of looks like she only has one leg in that picture - i can assure you that was not the case)

here's a closeup of the kite in action - so cool!

we packed it up and headed somewhere warmer pretty quick - but it was still kind of fun in that why-do-we-do-these-things-to-ourselves kind of way.  and it makes for a funny story - do you ever do silly things like that or is it just us?  

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