Monday, June 4, 2012

another weekend down

I used to really like weekends.  They were a chance to relax, hang out with friends, hang out with Daniel, catch up on housework or homework or whatever... Now that we have kids I adore weekends - its all of the above (minus that catching up thing!) plus family time.  And with Daniel around to help with the girls, I get to actually spend time with them, not just meet their eating / changing / sleeping needs.  

This weekend, we...

...laid in bed (nothing like an extra lazy Saturday morning)
...discovered toys
...dressed up in our Sunday best
...cooperated while mum played with her new camera (thanks, daddy - you're the best!)



  1. I LOVE these pictures! Your girls are so lucky that their lives are going to be so well and artistically documented. I'm so glad to hear that things are going well with you guys!

  2. Thanks, Laura! Hopefully, I'll be able to keep up with the "documenting" :)

  3. Oh Angy, they're adorable! And they look JUST like you - but in baby form! :) Good job with the posting...I still don't know how you do it (live with twins!) - so good job, and keep up the great work!

  4. Thanks, Jackie! I don't know how I do it either - hah! Hope you and the boys are doing well. :)


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