Sunday, October 7, 2012

its been too long...

Well, I've done it again.  I've dropped off the radar for far too long.  I'm beginning to realize that at this stage in my and the girls' lives, that's just going to have to be the way it is.  

I love this blog:
the creative outlet it allows me,
the place to write and speak my mind and work through my thoughts,
the sweet little community of readers who've come along
--its wonderful.

But I'm going to have to come terms with the fact that consistent posts with two busy (read: non-napping) babies is just not going to happen.  There will be periods when I'll get to post often and periods when the girls get sick / we have to get ready to travel / new teeth cut through / things just get busy / etc, which is exactly what happened between the last post and now.  

I have, however, had my trusty iPhone by my side and a healthy Instagram addiction documenting little bits and pieces along the way.  And now that we're home from another lovely trip to see the fam in NC, I've finally been able to find a moment to share a glimpse of our past few weeks:

my little sickies
two front teeth! 
pretty scenery along the way
our time in NC



  1. We had such a lovely time with you all. It's way too quiet here now.

  2. No morning shrieks!! Boo Hoo


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