Monday, October 15, 2012

three quarters of a year down

these little bugs turned 9 months old today!
i took these pictures at lunch
i love their sleepy, we-just-got-up-from-a-nap faces
i love how their hair is now long enough to get a little "messy" now, maybe even to curl a bit!
how they light up when they see family and friends, 
how they make silly faces, 
how big-girl they're looking with their teeth coming in
even though they're still so small (their outfits today were newborn onsies and 4 month pants!),
how every month that goes by, we get to see more of their little personalities.
and let me tell you, they've got some spunk to 'em!
what i don't love, is that their sick (again, i know!)
pretty sure it's just croup so it's not a huge deal
but they're pretty sad about it
and their appetites are suffering a bit
so if you have a minute, we would appreciate your prayers!

happy 9 months, girly-cues...feel better soon!


  1. Ang, did you know there's a site where you can turn your blog into a book?! Just a thought because you take all this time and it'd be nice to have a little scrap book of what you've already done.

  2. Hey Amanda,

    Yea, I've definitely thought about it - we'll see if it happens, though! ;)


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