Thursday, December 27, 2012

belated Christmas wishes

every other Christmas
we pack ourselves up 
and head down to North Carolina
to spend the holidays with our family there

this year was one of those NC Christmases
we always spend Christmas day and the couple days before / after it with Daniel's extended family
there's a fun Christmas eve dinner with uncles, aunts, cousins and grands
where we eat a great food, 
catch up on each others' lives
and play the classic gift exchange game

then we spend Christmas morning with the grandparents
eating a fantastic breakfast (we all know how i feel about breakfast)
giving and opening presents together 
visiting with random family who stops by
taking in the beautiful country setting...
it's really lovely

but spending time out in the country with the fam means no internet
which is actually just fine by me - it gives us an opportunity to focus on being together

so, even though it's not the actual day, i still wanted to wish you a merry Christmas
i hope you got a chance to remember the reason we celebrate*
 and enjoyed your family as much as we enjoyed ours - all four generations' worth!  
*read the Christmas story in last year's post here

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