Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Down on the Farm

happy new year, guys!

i actually can't believe it's 2013
it's going to be a good year
i know it

we've got a few exciting things going on
like a simple a committment to eating better again
(we got a little sloppy this last year)
and two little somebodys who are turning one in a couple of weeks
(ahhhh! guess i should start planning that...)
and there's something else in the works, but i'm not quite ready to share it on here yet
...soon, though!

what i can tell you is that i'm excited for all this year holds
for whatever the Lord has for us

but before we delve into the new year, i wanted to rewind a little bit
and share some of our Christmas memories with you

like i mentioned before, this year was a North Carolina Christmas
one of my favorite things about NC Christmases 
is getting to spend a few nights out in the country while staying over at Daniel's grandparents' place
i remember my first Christmas there: 
running around with my camera, 
taking pictures of the open fields, 
black walnut trees,
little baby goats,
not so little cows,
rows upon rows of collards, strawberries, etc 
it is absolutely gorgeous there

this year, we got to show the girls around the farm, safari-style
with their great grandad as our tour guide,
their auntie as our impromptu photographer,
and their uncle as our chauffeur / second impromptu photographer
(thanks, guys!)

they were beyond thrilled:
hanging out the windows,
growling at the cows,
sticking their tongues out to the wind,
meeting the animals,
discovering all kinds of critters and plants
all the while, giggling up a storm

they love being outdoors
and i must admit, that makes me one proud mama

lets just say, they were really ready for their nap after all the excitement
(p.s. get ready for some serious photo vomit - i had a hard time choosing!)

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