Tuesday, January 29, 2013

it's the little things

last week was a busy one for us,
my sister and nephew stayed over
and we all had a blast 
and took about a bazillion pictures of  B boy
(love that kid, by the way - see more of him here and here)

this week we have family visiting, 
and a big birthday party for two special someones on the weekend
so we hustle and bustle about, 
with to-do lists the size of montana
(is montana really that big? ...i actually don't know where i got that phrase from, or if i just made it up...?)

but we've also made sure to take a few minutes
to enjoy the little things
like celebrating my first newborn photoshoot being booked (hooray!)
and having surprise dance parties (the girls particularly enjoy jackson 5!)
and dressing up as leopards, just to giggle and be silly
what about you?  do you do anything to brighten up / get through busy seasons?  i'd love to hear

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