Saturday, January 5, 2013

the big announcement

ok, so in my last post i mentioned there being something "in the works" that i wasn't quite ready to share
aaaaaaand, i'm still not ready to share it
but i think i'm going to anyway
because i'm pretty excited
but also because i need to put to rest the crazy conclusions some of you have been jumping to 
(I am not pregnant again, you can all relax now!)

I am starting up my own photography business. 
there, I said it.


this is something i have been dreaming about for years
and after much thought, and even more encouragement (especially from Daniel)
i've decided to go for it

i'm was hoping to have a bit more together before i announce it
but it looks like things will have to trickle into place over the next little bit
things like finishing up my business plan
finalizing details
setting up a blog
getting paperwork in order

but as of now, i am open for business goes!

i don't know about the rest of you, but B boy seems pretty excited about it!

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